Iceland Open Model Search


What is the Iceland Open model search?


We’re looking for females that have a healthy lifestyle, are fit, have a great stage performance

and a lot of charisma.

Posing and presentation.


There are 2 rounds in the Iceland Open model search. 

First round is a two-piece fitnesswear (top and shorts or leggings).

The other round is a two-piece swimbikini.

Competitors do a front and a back pose.
There are no rules of what pose to do, just do what looks best for you, your bodytype and suits your personality. You can do a bikini pose, figure or something totally different, your choise.


As with all other divisions, no lewd acts are permitted and will result in automatic disqualification.




Frequently asked questions.

level of conditioning?
We are looking for a level of conditioning almost on par with Bikini athletes but it’s not that the condition that weighs the most but the presentation and the charisma.

Rules and restrictions on suits?
Bikinis can of the rack or be costamized but without “bling” 


Competitors will compete in a two-piece swimsuit. NOT competition suite like in Bikini or Figure division.

All swimsuits must be in good taste. Athletes will be warned about improper and are advised to bring two (2) suits to check in. Athletes will be scored down if the suit is not up to standard. As with all other divisions, no thongs are allowed.


Rules and restrictions on shoes and heels?
For the bikini round shoes and heels have the same rules that are currently in place for the Bikini division. 

For the fitnesswear round wear sport shoes.

Rules and restrictions on jewelry?
Jewelry same rules that are currently in place for the Bikini and Figure divisions.

Rules and restrictions on posing oil or not?
No posing oil but can be “glazed” as is currently done for the Bikini and Figure divisions.