Men´s classic physique


1. Classes.

Class A Up to and including 5´7” (170cm) PRO-Qualifier


Class B Over 5´7”, up to and including 5´10” (178cm) PRO-Qualifier


Class C Over 5´10” (178cm) PRO-Qualifier


Junior 16 year old up to and 23 year old


Master Over 35 year old





Competitors are required to wear posing shorts (see image below). Board shorts or bodybuilding posing trunks are prohibited. Competitors are required to wear the same type of cut and all shorts that are worn in competition must be black.



1.Posing music must be on a CD or USB stick. 


2.Posing music must be the only music on the CD or USB stick. 


3.Posing music must not contain vulgar lyrics. Competitors using music containing vulgar lyrics will be disqualified. 





1.During the Judging, competitors shall not wear jewelry except for a wedding band. 


2.Prescription eye wear (except sun glasses) is permitted. 


3.The following is prohibited while onstage:

a. Props 

b. Chewing gum 

c. “Moon Pose” (any competitor performing this pose will be disqualified)

d. Lying on the stage. 

e. Bumping and shoving (the first and second person involved will be disqualified) 

f. Competitor numbers must be worn on the left side of the posing suit during the Judging and Finals. 







1. Each competitor proceeds to center-stage individually in numerical order and automatically performs the mandatory poses. No signal from the Head Judge is required. 


2. Each competitor has a maximum of 60 seconds to perform the poses. A warning will be given when 10 seconds remain. 

3. Competitors are not required to use the full 60 seconds. 


4. The mandatory poses are: 

  1.  Front Double Biceps 

  2.  Side Chest 

  3.  Back Double Biceps 

  4.  Abdominals and Thighs 

  5.  Favorite Classic Pose (no Most Muscular) 




1. The Head Judge will call the competitors, in small groups and in numerical order, to center stage to perform the quarter turns and mandatory poses.


2. In the call-outs, the Head Judge will direct specific competitors to perform the quarter turns and mandatory poses. Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other.

*Judges will score competitors according to the “total package”, which is a balance of size, symmetry and muscularity.






1. Competitors are called onstage individually in numerical order to perform a posing routine to music of the competitor’s choice. 


2. The length of the posing routine is a maximum of 60 seconds. 


3. Depending on the number of competitors, the promoter and Head Judge may decide that only the top finalists shall perform their posing routine. 



Confirmation (if necessary*)

Competitors are called onstage and, under the direction of the Head Judge, are compared in groups while performing the mandatory poses.


*The judging panel, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to re-judge using a Confirmation round.

Posedown (overall title only)The top finalists take part in a 60-second posedown.




1. The Judging is scored 100%. 

2. Ties are broken using the Relative Placement method.